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Placa Pladur DECOR

Decorative tile in different colors of high quality vinyl finish with antibacterial treatment for recordable ceilings

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Pladur DECOR is the range of Pladur recordable ceilings with vinyl finish.

Thus, Pladur plates, with their quality, strength, finish and usual durability are incorporated a thin sheet of decorative vinyl to give the ceilings an unequaled finish of texture and color of the highest quality, while providing a high level of cleaning and hygiene.
PLADUR DECOR plates can be applied in any construction project, being especially indicated in commercial spaces and leisure where color is an environmental value, business buildings, where they provide a plus of elegance and sobriety and are ideal to create environments in accordance with the activity of the space.
In this way, Pladur DECOR has this wide range of colors and textures:
Plads PLADUR DECOR present important technical qualities, which are added to the advantages of ease and quick assembly, simplicity of maintenance and duration that PLADUR plates always guarantee:
  • Bio-Pruff antibacterial treatment
  • Resistance to light exposure> 7 (IW BS EN 20105)
  • Washable, can be brushed (EN 259-2)
  • Resistance to chemicals (soap, alcohol, ammonia, alkalis and diluted acids)