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Lightweight glass wool blanket by Isover

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Lightweight glass wool blanket coated on one side with a kraft that acts as a vapor barrier.

Its advantages are:

  • Effective improvement of thermal and acoustic insulation in buildings.Recommended for the rehabilitation of covers by the interior and light covers.
  • Its roll format facilitates the handling and placement of the product. Adaptability of glass wool to meetings with windows, pillars, etc., without deteriorating the product or the continuity of it.
  • Guide lines on kraft paper that facilitate cutting. Accessible product in shopping centers and suitable for installation in DIY jobs and small reforms.
  • Sustainable product with composition in recycled material over 50%. 100% recyclable material Inert material that is not adequate medium for the development of microorganisms.
  • Maintains the performance of the system unchanged throughout the life of the building, do not degrade over time.